Established in 2022

Lessons from Stage One R&D

The International Science Reserve is testing ways to improve the direct impact of science and technology in times of global crisis. Read the report and learn more about our initial research and development of a model to mobilize researchers around the world and to match them with scientific, technical, and human resources to magnify their impact.

ISR in Action

See how the International Science Reserve works with the science community, members, government agencies, and others through the three-stages of crisis response.

Science Unusual

Science during a time of crisis is not “science as usual.” The International Science Reserve’s mission is to grow and support a borderless network of scientific experts, and to provide this scientific community with the critical resources needed to respond rapidly and effectively to global crises.

The International Science Reserve (ISR) builds on the many lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic response efforts, during which science played a critical role. Such threats do not recognize national borders and require a highly-focused, intensive effort that crosses global, disciplinary, and sector boundaries. During a crisis, when response time matters most, the ISR quickly mobilizes researchers and provides them with access to critical scientific and technological resources and support that will help them to work faster and better.

A Focus on Readiness

A fundamental goal of the ISR is to prepare communities of science experts and science resource providers to work together during a global crisis such as the next pandemic, a big cyber-attack, or climate-related disasters. Readiness exercises are a key part of this preparation, giving key stakeholders a chance to consider different kinds of crises and prepare an appropriately-resourced and effective scientific response.

Our Growing Global Network

Established in 2022, the ISR is building a global network of cross-disciplinary scientists, collaborators, and members. We are generously supported by our Partners, including our Founding Partners IBM, UL, Google, and Pfizer. Led by our Executive Board, and with the guidance of our Executive Committee, we are building the foundation for the ISR’s ambition to support and accelerate the three stages of crisis response – preparation, response, and recovery.

Crisis Test Case: Wildfires

As part of the first phase of its research and development, the ISR conducted its first readiness exercise, using wildfires as the example of a large-scale crisis. Wildfires are increasing in intensity and frequency around the world. According to the UN, wildfires are a global crisis, with the most recent outbreaks of “an unprecedented scale and duration.” Over the past decade, global wildfire seasons have become longer and more intense, despite improvements in fire management strategies and capacity.

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